Friday, November 24, 2006

Meanwhile, fears of universal disaster sank to an all time low over the world

Well Isaac Asimov may well think that but my insurance company certainly doesn't!!

Six hundred and fifty five quid they want, for buildings only insurance on an empty house! Not only that but the insurance only covers damage by lightning, explosion and aircraft damage? What about the good old stuff like loosened roofing tiles, subsidence and burning down?

I mean, we lived there ten years before we emigrated and I can't honestly remember the house ever being struck by lightning or exploding. These are the kinds of things you'd tend to notice I feel.

And as for aircraft damage, well we are some twenty odd miles from the nearest airport, in a sprawling urbanisation. But apparently aircraft damage is a major concern to the insurance company it seems. So much so that, under the terms of the policy, my parents have to visit the property at least once a week to make quite sure that there isn't a Boeing 747 sticking out of the lounge window.

One assumes that, at such an extortionate price, I at least get salvage rights over any commercial, military or recreational aircraft that should just happen to choose my house to crash into out of the millions of others in the Greater Manchester area!

I'm thinking someone has been watching too much Emmerdale! Bloody insurance? Surely the whole idea of insurance is that they assess the odds and take a gamble? Quite honestly, at nearly seven hundred quid a chuck, I can't see a downside for the insurance company!

Don't suppose anyone out there knows any dodgy pilots do they? Perhaps a retired Kamikaze veteran looking for a quick buck (assuming of course Kamikaze pilots can either be veteran or retired?)


JesseJames said...

Why would you need insurance against aircraft impacts?

Surely the airlines have third party, fire and theft insurance so a quick call to Sue, Grabbit & Run, Solicitors will be all it takes. Claim whiplash as well like the daft bint that I nudged (quite literally - about 10mph!) whilst sat in traffic a few weeks ago.

Barely a dent made but she apparently has serious whiplash.

Despite her assurances that she was fine and that there was no damage done, it turns out it was serious enough for her to see two separate solicitors and make two claims for the same injury within the space of a day! (Personally I'd have expected her to have been at A&E waiting for X-Rays for the next 2 days at least).

...and before you ask, yes she was a scouser!

a very tired mommy said...

popping by to wish you guys a late merry christmas...things are nutty here in my internet-less world, so i don't get around as much as i used to. hope you all are well, and the movember pic makes me think you've lost a few pounds...good for you. now momma to a ten year-old who is currently wearing deodorant and participating in "talks" at school.... flipping my shtuff right out, it is...